A manicured lawn and stylish patio furniture add beauty to a home, but you can take your landscaping to the next level with a water feature. Water features are soothing to the senses, provide texture to a yard, and can buffer noise pollution.

From traditional backyard ponds to flowing fountains, water features have several benefits that can improve the landscape design of a property. If you are interested in incorporating a water feature into your landscaping plan, contact Vanta Outdoors experts. 

water featureRelaxation

Water features add beauty, create a focal point in the landscape, and act as a soothing environment for homeowners or visitors. They can be calming or act as dramatic statement pieces depending on the type and placement of the feature. The movement and sounds of cascading waterfalls, rippling streams, and serene ponds offer the same tranquility and escape that you might find on a vacation at a tropical resort without the hassle of packing your bags or dealing with jetlag.

The hypnotic movement of water, whether it is in the form of a fountain or a water garden, has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve mental health by promoting relaxation. Just like the ocean, the movement and sound of water can be a powerful distraction from your daily life, which can help you unwind after a long day.

Adding a water feature to your landscape will also attract wildlife that would otherwise not frequent your property. Birds, dragonflies, frogs, and other creatures are all attracted to the beauty and tranquility that is created by water features.

In addition, the soothing sounds of water can mask other noises in your neighborhood and block out traffic or loud neighbors. Adding a water feature to your yard can provide a natural buffer that will instantly make your space more relaxing and enjoyable.

Our skilled and experienced team can help you create a beautiful, unique landscape that will bring beauty, relaxation, and peace to your home or business. We can also install a variety of other landscape enhancements to make your yard the place you want it to be. To learn more about how our services can transform your landscape, please call us today or fill out a simple online form.


Water features are not only beautiful to look at, but they also attract wildlife to your landscape. This is especially true in areas where we are lucky enough to have beautiful tropical birds and other forms of wildlife that love to visit our backyards. You and your family will love sitting outside and watching birds splash around in a fountain or dragonflies dip into your pond for a drink.

Many water feature designs are inspired by nature and can be incorporated into landscapes of any size or shape. Some are even made with reclaimed materials for a truly one-of-a-kind and eco-friendly landscaping idea. You can also find unique and innovative water features that use modern technology to push the boundaries of design. These modern and creative ideas are perfect for homeowners looking to add a touch of luxury to their outdoor spaces while still retaining the benefits that come with a water feature.

A water feature is not just a decoration; it also helps to reduce stress and noise pollution on your property. The soothing sounds of trickling water can help to block out noises from the surrounding neighborhood that may bother you and your family, such as cars driving by or neighbors chatting. This allows you to relax in your backyard sanctuary without being distracted by the surrounding noises of the world outside.

Landscaping with a water feature is not only beneficial for homeowners, but it can also increase the value of your home if you decide to sell in the future. In addition, adding a water feature can make your backyard a place where friends and family will want to gather.

Feng Shui

A water feature brings movement to a landscape, which helps create an environment that entertains, inspires, relaxes, or energizes people. This can increase a home or business’s value, and it can also be used as a focal point to draw attention from passersby.

In feng shui, a water fountain’s sound can disperse bad energy. Feng shui is an ancient practice that has many modern-day applications. It is based on the idea that our lives are connected to and flow with the natural world.

The feng shui philosophy is that every aspect of your environment should be considered when designing it. The placement of furniture, decorative objects, and even entire buildings is considered. Various elements of a space, such as earth, water, fire, wood, and metal, represent different energies, and color coordination is important.

To create good feng shui, you can use the Bagua map to determine what area of your space needs improvement. The bagua map is a grid that can be superimposed over a room to serve as a guide for arrangement and decoration. Each area on the grid corresponds to a specific life experience, such as family, career, or health. The bagua map can help you decide what colors and symbols to incorporate into your space.

In addition, the ancient study of feng shui taught that clean flowing water attracts wealth, and an outdoor water feature with a pond or waterfall can be a great way to promote financial prosperity. Water features should be positioned so that they are easily visible from the house, and should have ample room for seating. Keeping them clean and free of debris can also enhance the feature’s potency.

Noise Reduction

Water features are great for adding a natural sound to your landscape, and they also mask distracting outdoor noises. The sounds of waves crashing on the beach or birds chirping can distract from street traffic and neighbors’ conversations. Adding plants that produce pleasant ambient noises like the rustle of stiff oak leaves, palm tree fronds, or quaking aspen in the breeze can further help mask undesirable sounds.

The sight and sound of moving water are also calming for humans, lowering blood pressure and heart rates. This can improve concentration and relieve stress. A fountain is a beautiful way to incorporate this calming effect into your home’s landscaping.

Adding a water feature can elevate the aesthetic value of your home and increase its resale value, especially if it’s well-maintained. It can even make a house stand out from the rest and attract more buyers. This is why a lot of homeowners opt to have their homes equipped with water features.

While many water features require significant excavation time and labor, you can go for self-contained fountains that can be moved to a different location if you decide to change your landscaping. These fountains also save you the hassle of installing plumbing, as they have all the parts enclosed in one unit.

You can find out more about the benefits of landscaping with a water feature from the experts and you can get started with your project by giving us a call today! We would be happy to discuss your ideas and provide a quote for the cost of a custom design. Our landscape designers have years of experience creating outdoor spaces with the perfect mix of beauty and functionality.


A water feature will add a sense of beauty and calm to your outdoor space. From a small fountain to a large waterfall that enhances your existing garden, there are many ways you can create a beautiful water feature on your property.

The movement of the water has a soothing effect on humans, and it can even improve your mood by lowering stress levels. Plus, the negative ions created by moving water purify the air, which reduces pollen, dust mites, and other harmful particles. The sound of the rippling water and the gentle breeze can help to relax you and your family, which can make it easier to sleep at night.

In addition to the visual appeal, a water feature can increase your property value. The tranquil atmosphere can attract visitors and potential buyers, making it a great way to turn your property into a relaxing retreat. And because water features are a relatively low-maintenance landscaping element, they can also be a great option for homeowners with limited time or resources.

Adding a water feature to your landscape design can be a fun and creative project. But it’s important to plan your project carefully and work with a professional so that the feature fits seamlessly into your surroundings and doesn’t interfere with utilities or the roots of any trees. Additionally, it’s important to perform regular maintenance to ensure that the feature stays clean and functional. With proper care, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a beautiful water feature for years to come.